The Italian Sustainable Investment Forum (ItaSIF) is a not for profit association founded in 2001. Its membership base is multi-stakeholder: its members are financial actors and other organizations interested in the environmental and social impacts of financial activities.

Our mission is to promote the awareness and the strategies linked to sustainable investments, with the aim to encourage the integration of environmental, social and governance criteria into financial products and processes.

ItaSIF activities are divided into three main areas: research, projects and advocacy.

Within these sectors we:

  • run research and education activities and facilitate working groups to promote best practice and contribute to the analysis and growth of sustainable investments;
  • inform and advise the financial community, the media and society as a whole, on sustainable finance through the organisation of communication campaigns, conferences, seminars and cultural events;
  • engage with Italian and European institutions to encourage the implementation of a regulatory framework promoting sustainable investments.

Since 2012, ItaSIF has organized the Italian SRI Week, the most important event on sustainable and responsible investment in Italy.

ItaSIF is a member of Eurosif, the association for the promotion of sustainable investment in the European market.