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Sustainable finance and biodiversity. A guide for financial actors

Every day, around 50 living species disappear. There is a direct connection between the stability of the natural ecosystem and that of the economic system: for this reason, investing in nature restoration is urgent. Achieving a global reversal of the biodiversity decline trend by 2030 will require an annual investment ranging between US$722 and US$967 billion over the next decade. However, there remains a significant financing gap estimated at a range between US$598 and US$824 billion per year.

To enhance the understanding of the topic and increase awareness of the economic and financial value of biodiversity, the Italian Sustainable Investment Forum (ItaSIF) has launched a working group exclusively for its members, which is intended for dissemination and informational purposes. Additionally, it aims to provide guidelines for financial operators on integrating biodiversity into financial policies, processes, and products. The result is the paper “Sustainable finance and biodiversity. A guide for financial actors”, realized with the support of  ADVANT Nctm, AXA Investment Managers, Etica Sgr.


A final version of the paper in English will be available soon on this page.

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