Homepage - Research - 15/1/2024

Sustainable finance beyond preconceptions

In recent years, sustainable finance has emerged as a critical concept in the business and investment landscape, reshaping the way companies operate and investors evaluate potential opportunities. The sustainable finance approach considers both economic/financial as well as environmental and social aspects and plays a crucial role in creating long-term value, managing risk, and promoting a positive impact on society and the environment.


In this position paper, ItaSIF analyzes the main arguments used against sustainable finance, demonstrating their groundlessness from a scientific point of view. In particular, we examine claims about greenwashing, lack of standardization, and the relationship between financial performance and sustainability. Through an evidence-based analysis, we demonstrate the solidity of sustainable finance and refute the notion that sustainability harms investment profitability by highlighting the economic benefits of sustainable finance.


The Italian version of the paper is available here.

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