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MSCI Webinar: 2017 ESG Trends to Watch

Il 24 gennaio si è tenuto il webinar "2017 ESG Trends to Watch" promosso da MSCI per presentare i risultati di un report sui temi di sostenibilità che saranno centrali nei prossimi mesi.
Di seguito maggiori informazioni sui contenuti dell'iniziativa.


This year may usher in a fundamental rethink for investors. Underlying all the major trends we identified for 2017 is a strategic decision point – do we change the way we think about investing, or is this business as usual in a new order?

Join the authors of the 2017 ESG Trends to Watch Report, including MSCI’s Global Head of ESG Research Linda-Eling Lee, for an overview of the biggest ESG forces affecting institutional investors over the long haul, including:

  1. Owning the Long Game
  2. The Shift from Regulatory to Physical Risk
  3. Choosing Stewardship in Asian Capital Markets
  4. ESG Investing as a Precision Tool
  5. Adoption of a New Performance Language
  6. Green Shoots in China and India’s Sustainable Finance

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