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Why the world needs finance and why finance needs women

Global sustainability challenges are undermining the well-being of our planet and its people. In this sense, governments’ and non-profit’s efforts to advance sustainable development are crucial but lack the resources to change course alone. This is where the role of finance comes in. The world needs longterm socially conscious investing to allow corporate leaders to truly pursue the triple bottom line - people, planet and profits. And this is where the role of women comes in. Numerous studies demonstrate that more women in finance leads to more socially conscious investing, in addition to greater financial stability and better risk management.


ItaSIF Secretary General Francesco Bicciato has spoken about the development of sustainable finance and the recent proposals  sent to the Italian government on revamping the economy through investments in decarbonisation and social inclusion.

Paola Profeta (Bocconi University) and Sara Lovisolo (London Stock Exchange Group) joined him in the discussion. The event was hosted by Simonetta Cristofari (BCCI Inclusive Finance) and Paule Ansoleaga Abascal (BCCI Inclusive Finance).

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