Live streaming support

Problems with live viewing?
Try to follow this guide

1. The webinar has started, but the video does not start:

  • Click the “play” button. Many browsers, especially on mobile devices, do not allow videos to start automatically.
  • Reload the event webpage.
  • Use a different browser (e.g.: Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

2. The video loads slowly or freezes:

  • Check your internet connection and try reloading the event webpage.
  • If you have multiple tabs or windows open in your browser, try closing them.

3. You cannot access the webpage with the live broadcast:

Access to the live streaming page is only allowed using the email address you registered with/or within 30 minutes before the event starts. Try to check that you typed the address correctly in the appropriate space (if you click on the eye-like symbol on the right, you can see what you type). If everything seems right, even after reloading the page, write to


WARNING: If you access via a corporate network, your company may have applied special filters that block access to the website or the codes used to view the video. In this case, we recommend that you report the problem to the administrator of your corporate network. If possible, while waiting for resolution, you can consider using a different device, or connect with a different Internet network than the company one.

For any type of support, you can always contact us by writing to