We are actively committed to the sustainable evolution of the financial system

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Italian Sustainable Investment Forum

We produce innovative research and spread knowledge. We work for transparency and disclosure. We look forward and we connect. We mobilize and trigger change.

150 members

in costant growth

20 years

of experience in sustainable finance

40 research


We promote sustainable and responsible investment

Thanks to our innovative research, knowledge sharing approach and educational activities, we are the point

of reference for the Italian financial community regarding sustainable finance. Our aim is to encourage the inclusion of environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) in financial products and processes.

Sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) supports the transition towards a low carbon economy

and contributes to a more just and inclusive society.

to promote best practices and contribute to the analysis and growth of sustainable finance. 

within the financial community, the media and society in relation to sustainable finance organizing initiatives, communication campaigns, conferences, seminars and cultural events.

to encourage the implementation of a regulatory framework promoting sustainable investments. 

ItaSIF is an information and education network, which encourages the exchange and sharing of know-how, experiences and perspectives in the rapidly changing world of sustainable finance. 

The 12th edition will be held from 14 to 28 November 2023,

in-person (in Milan and Rome) and online. 

our blog is dedicated to private investors. We provide news and promote financial education initiatives. 

committed to promoting sustainable finance in European markets. This strengthens ItaSIF input into the important developments of

EU sustainable finance. Other members of Eurosif are nine national Sustainable Investment Forums: FINSIF, FIR (FR), FNG (DE), LSFI (LUX), Spainsif, SIF Ireland, SWESIF, UKSIF e Swiss Sustainable Finance.

Italian Sustainable Investment Forum is constantly committed to share knowledge on sustainable investment. 

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