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Financing the sustainable transition: engaging institutional and retail investors through financial innovation

Webinar promoted by ESGeneration Italy during the SRI Weeks

The sustainable transition and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) require substantial investments in new technologies and solutions, with both public and private companies encouraged to invest in the development of these technologies while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Financial tools need to align with strategic goals, and companies must track progress, communicate key performance indicators, and engage with the financial community.

Global investors are supporting this transition, but small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which make up over 95% of businesses and contribute more than 40% to global GDP, may be overlooked by institutional investors due to their smaller scale. However, there is a growing interest in sustainable investing among retail investors, and innovative financial products can bridge the gap and provide opportunities for action.


The webinar focused on concrete opportunities for companies, including SMEs, to expand their investor base by leveraging existing experiences and practices. It also involved representatives from sustainable financial centers, who shared best practices and policies from different countries to contribute to this important conversation.


The event is promoted by ESGeneration Italy, the Italian Network for Global Sustainable Finance. ESGeneration Italy has been launched in 2021 by Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange), the Italian Sustainable Investment Forum (ItaSIF) and the Italian Banking Insurance and Finance Federation (FeBAF) and it is part of FC4S.


  • Francesco Bicciato

    , Executive Director

    , Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile

  • Navina Balasingam

    , General Manager

    , Capital Markets Malaysia

  • Patrizia Celia

    , Head of Large Caps, Investment Vehicles & Sustainable Finance Partnership

    , Italian Stock Exchange

  • Anna Marucci

    , Head of Debt and Funds Listing Italy

    , Italian Stock Exchange

  • Stephen Nolan

    , Managing Director

    , FC4S

  • Fabrizio Palmucci

    , Founder, Impactivise and Senior Advisor

    , Climate Bonds Initiative

  • Gianfrancesco Rizzuti

    , COO

    , Italian Banking Insurance and Finance Federation

  • Malaika Rousseau

    , Senior Strategy and Policy Analyst

    , Rwanda Finance Limited, Kigali International Financial Center

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